International tantra workshops in Prague and in Italy by the Tantra Institute Ltd.

Winter solstice

- the path to light leads through darkness -

"Put aside your fears, because if light meets darkness, only light will remain." - Gautama Buddha

Join us in celebrating the day of the rebirth of the Sun, which brings light, hope and new life.

Tantra teaches that the path to unity is through awareness, experience and acceptance of the opposite poles of duality. So to enjoy the power of light, we need to fully enjoy the time of darkness, silence, stillness and abiding. Let's follow the cycles of nature together and be still with it, feel and experience the darkness, its shadows and unseen parts. Only after we symbolically put away everything unnecessary, letting the old and outlived die, will we make room for the returning light. Together we will celebrate the coming of the Sun and the new Life.

    Course topics:
  • Winter Solstice - embracing the darkness/shadow - that which we deem unworthy to exist and yet does exist
  • work with energy within (inner flute, microcosmic path, relaxation in the evening, energy concentration in the morning)
  • working with the energy outside - traditional tantra (energy exchange between the heart, pelvis and third eye, outer energy circuit)
  • exploring and graciously accepting your shadows
  • relaxing the body and resting in the flow of energy
  • community sharing and support
  • (regular) meditation and purification (vegetarian diet)
  • preparation for sexual energy work (preparing and clearing the pathways for hot sexual energy)

During the seminar we will focus primarily on individual work and interactions with others focused more on communication on a purely energetic level.

    This seminar is suitable for you if you:
  • you want to spend pre-Christmas and possibly Christmas time meditating, without stress and a little different than traditional
  • you are interested in Tantra and want to find out in more detail what it involves
  • you have the courage to explore your shadows
  • you want to celebrate with people of a similar mindset
  • you feel like enjoying life

Location: Skalka Personal Development Centre, Skalka u Doks 22 472 01 Doksy .

Date: 2021 December 19-25 2021 or December 19-22 .

Price (lecture fee and translation English/Czech): per person 490 €, price for couples 790 € (December 19-25),
per person 290 €, price for couples 490 € (December 19-22).

Discount(if the deposit paid by Novrmber 30): single 450 €/ couple 690 € (December 19-25),
single 250 €/ couple 450 € (December 19-22)

In case the course cannot be held due to legislative reasons, we guarantee 100% refund of the entrance fee within 5 working days.

Food and accommodation: 36 € vegetarian full board plus a bed in simple double room (for a person a day )

Guides: Manguri and Zuzana Bestová.

Applications and information: Zuzana Bestová,, phone +420 733 371 336.

Deposit: 50% of the price upon registration. The organizer will provide you with an account number.

Information needed to register: Name, surname, e-mail address, phone number.

9. New Year's Eve Tantric celebration - with a taste of Saturnalia

- a two-day celebration inspired by the biggest festivities in ancient Rome -

Saturnalia, like the ancient Greek feast of Kronia, commemorated the mythical Golden Age of mankind, when Kronos (Saturn) the father of Zeus still ruled. The Golden Age signifies the mythical period of bliss and innocence at the beginning of mankind, when humans did not work, age, harm other creatures or each other.  

We cordially invite friends and all open-minded people to the 9th annual playful, experiential, unconventional New Year's Eve celebration! Come meet friends, make new ones and welcome the New Year with us with tantric techniques and rituals, food, drink, dance, energy and fun!

    From our program:
  • Ritual celebration of the attraction of Shiva and Shakti
  • Symbolic unmasking
  • Partnership game
  • New Year's Eve Bizarre Bazaar
  • Living tables of abundance and thanks for the harvest
  • Partnership anchor
    ... and other fun contact games and techniques

Participation in all parts of the program is, of course, voluntary.

A midnight champagne toast is included.

Who is the evening for? - For women and men of all orientations, individuals or couples, more advanced participants in tantric seminars and tolerant beginners.

Location: Studio Loreto, Storkova 5, Prague 8 (Rohan Island).

Date: From 1 pm December 30 till 2 am January 1 .

Price (lecture fee and translation Czech/English): per person 190 €, price for couples 350 € . Payment is in the nature of a ticket, the amount is non-refundable, but it is possible in case of inability to attend to send a substitute for yourself or offer it for sale. You will receive payment details from the organizer.

Discount price: single 170 € / couple 290 € when paying the deposit by November 30.

In the event that the course cannot be held for legislative reasons, we guarantee 100% refund within 5 working days.

Overnight stay (in your own sleeping bag): 9 € per person per night.

Guides: Manguri and Jana Goetzová.

Applications and information: Jana,, phone +420 776026766.

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